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Eleventh Era meme → Eleven scenes (3/11)
The Lodger

Way to fat shame you great big bag of dicks

Oh no oh no oh no! Guys look out! Someone’s telling a joke!

Here’s the thing: If you’re lazy, “not much of a traveller”, and sit on your couch all the time, you’re probably going to get fat.
Here’s another thing: Oh look, he’s fat. Even better; he’s not a traveller, thus implying with his tone as much as his comment that he’s been lazy.

Heh, I got lazy lately, even though I go out when I can - it’s not often enough. Oh shit, I got fat. Not too bad mind you, but I guess that’s what happens when you get lazy, sitting around at home rather than going out on adventures. You know who doesn’t find this offensive? Me, the fat lazy guy.

This isn’t fat shaming, it is a joke. A harmless joke, that can only be fractionally humoured as ‘harmful’ by some miserable tumblrite, begging to find something to be offended by so the rest of your miserable tumblrites can rally and reblog.

Accomplishing so much from the comfort of your computer/mobile. Ironic really - you remind me of someone, save for the fact that the fat-shamed victim up there actually has a sense of humour.

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